Another thing that we were told was that Mexico had open sewers. The air reeked of sewage. As we got away from the business section of town, we passed through the residential areas. Each house if you could call it that by United States standards did not have much curb appeal, but that’s the best they could have with their means. Each of the homes had fences or a wall around the lot. The fences were constructed of anything that was not a living plant. They used mattress springs, old fence wire, skids or whatever they could find that was visible with the eye. We were told it was part of the Mexican culture to put a fence or wall around your property to indicate to the others to keep out. It did not matter what it was constructed of, it showed the boundaries and the residents wanted the respect of others to stay out of the fenced or walled area.


We arrived at a “T” intersection which was the main highway from Guadalupe to Juarez. On the corner was a roadside stand that was aqua in color. Part of the stand was an old junk school bus with a wooden structure built around it. It was not being used each time we passed it. We turned left on the two lane highway headed for Guadalupe. Along the highway on both sides were farms raising crops or livestock. We got to Guadalupe in just a few minutes. We saw the same type of architecture in the store fronts as the other town, but seemed to be in slightly better shape. This town seemed to have a little more money. The homes were mostly constructed out of concrete block. Some were covered with mortar and some not. Many had various pieces of junk in the yard. Some of the houses were in disrepair. From this town we headed out into the desert on a dusty dirt/sand/gravel road. This road was not different than any other bumpy gravel road.


We came to a point where we went down a hill in to what might be considered a river bed or a wash. To our right was a white pick up truck cab partially buried in the sand. Beyond it was a body of an SUV. Both were stripped of the interior. After passing through this area which was the dumping grounds, we got onto another stretch of flat road. It seemed as if we were in the middle of no where in the desert. Then, we came upon a stock yard on the left after passing a cemetery.  We passed a gun club on the left next. Then, in a short distance we saw the orphanage complex.





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